Tuesday 19 March 2013

Singapore Brekkie

A typical Singapore breakfast would not be complete without soft-boiled egg.
Eat warm with a dash of white pepper powder and a drizzle of premium dark soy sauce. But a blogger friend suggested Maggi Seasoning instead of dark soy. Why not? :D
Singapore Style Local Bakery Toast.
Butter and Kaya Toast.

Recipe (serves 2)
Soft-boiled Egg:
2-4 Free range Eggs with shell intact, at room temperature. In Singapore, room temperature is approximately 24-26°C (around 75-78°F).
Boiling hot water.

1. Rinse eggs well to rid of dirt and make sure there are no cracks.

2. Lay eggs inside a small pot in single layer.

3. Pour boiling hot water into the pot, submerging eggs completely.

4. Cover with a tight lid for 5 minutes.

5. Scoop eggs out with a spoon and discard water.

6. Crack eggs open and scoop out any contents left in shell.

7. Eat with a dash of white pepper powder and a drizzle of light or dark soy sauce.

8. Mop eggs with a slice of toast, if desired.

While our western brothers and sisters are having Continental or American breakfasts; a typical Singaporean breakfast (or afternoon tea) set would consists of a hot beverage, usually sweetened black coffee (kopi-O) or milk tea (teh C) with a plate of butter and kaya toasts and a side order of 2 soft boiled eggs.

Happy break fasting :)


  1. You are really doing so nice efforts in this blog as you do in your Wp blog - I liked this too :-)

    1. The pictures here did not do the food justice. I was using my blackberry and the resolution is epic fail, hahaha... Thanks again for visiting!