Thursday 21 March 2013

Don't Mess With My Tutu! 嘟嘟糕

Coconut and Peanut fillings…
Kueh Tutu is traditional Singaporean snack used to be sold in pasar malam (night bazaar). Nowadays, you may find them in kopitiams and food courts in shopping malls. The prices have gone up exorbitantly due to inflation, elevating its value from cheap street food to “classy” delicacy.
The white tub contains toasted white rice flour.
The kueh itself is rice flour filled with either ground peanut & sugar or dessicated coconut cooked in “red” more like orange sugar, although some vendors use palm sugar which gives the coconut a golden brown colour.
What’s your flavour? Dessicated coconut cooked in palm sugar?
Or ground roasted peanuts with sugar?
Yeah, I think peanut tastes good too but my personal favourite is the coconut!
One for you and one for me?