Friday 29 March 2013

Ginger Green Onion Dipping Sauce

Ginger Green Onion Dipping Sauce for boiled chicken.
Ingredients to be put in a bowl:
4 tablespoons Scallion, minced (Green Onion, Spring Onion).
4 heap tablespoons Ginger, grated (use a zest grater).
1 – 1½ teaspoon Salt, to taste.
pinch of Sugar.
½ teaspoon Sesame Oil.
½ cup Oil rendered from Chicken Fats* has best flavour (or Groundnut/Vegetable/Shallot Oil).

1. Heat the oil in a small pot just until very hot but not yet smoking. If it smoke, let it cool a little then
2. Pour it over the scallion, ginger, salt, sugar and sesame oil. Be careful as they may crackle and splash.
3. Mix well and serve immediately with chicken dishes.
Good with any simple cooked chicken dishes – Boiled Chicken, Soy Sauced Chicken Wings, etc…
P.S. Don’t worry about the amount of oil used in this recipe as you will not be eating all the oil.
The layer of oil acts as preservative and allows you to keep the content for days/weeks in the fridge/freezer. Just warm up over low heat to revive when needed.

* Chicken Fats – the thick yellow fat found near the end of the cavity of Whole Chicken.
Save them each time you buy a whole chicken and do not need to use it that round.
Chicken Fats are good for flavouring Chicken Rice too.

Variation: You can also use Fried Shallot Oil (Fry sliced Shallots in medium hot oil till golden. Keep the crispy shallots for garnishing and use the oil for perfuming this and any other dishes like you would use sesame oil).

Happy cooking :)

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