Saturday 27 April 2013

Here We Go Again!

One of the tables reserved for us tonight.
In my previous outing to The Coastal Settlement posted in When 19′s Not A Crowd on 9th April 2013 with my Photography Khaki Group (a closed group, to date has 1174 members), Adrian Aw Yong told me that Wu Ting Ting’s mother owns a cze char stall in Commonwealth Drive. In less than a month, another makan session was organised on the 22nd April 2013. This time round, we had the privilege of Calvin Huang’s (Glamour Wave Photography) attendance.
Food Photography Event on 22nd April 2013.
The “About” of Photography Khaki Group is candid:
[We Shoot What We Like even IF the photos are not nice]
I’m looking for people who share the passion of photography to meet up for outing, TCSS or even sharing tips on Photoshop or creating digital artwork.
If you love to meet other photographer or Photoshop users to trade tips, tricks and ideas, I’m looking forward to meet you.
I’m starting this group to meet up with like-minded people to share skills and techniques.
Hope to meet friends with a passion for landscape, portrait, travel or even backpacking tips and experiences.
Explore interesting locations & events in Singapore and slowly expanding to other countries .. We called that MicroAdventure ..
**Usage of offensive remarks within this group page is NOT ALLOWED unless you can say something offensive yet no one can understand, by all means carry on.
Racism, Sexist, Religious, Vulgarity –> I can’t stop you so just minimize it.
Getting tips from Calvin Huang.
Calvin showing us the different angles of shooting to bring out the best in food photography.
Comments made by Calvin on our photographs were constructive and encouraging at the same time :) See captions on photos for his comments.
There is distraction of an object on the top and water reflection on the sides. Need to avoid these…
Try to add chopsticks and the sauce at the top right hand corner… Also, you could have someone using a fork to poke the doufu and lift up from the dish about 1 inch away, then snap the photo.
Too much empty space on top left corner. Try to shoot lower. The cucumber is too prominent.
Too much empty space at top left n right corners, shoot slightly lower and focus on the chicken which is closest to your lens.
Good effort, however try to shoot lower to empathize on the stacking and show a little of bokeh of background.
Overall, this photo looks underexposed, especially on the right hand side. “more light” and zoom out slightly… too much shadows, overpowering.
Anthony Lim’s winning shot.
Other shots taken that night which also ended up as our meal:
The chef was so nice! He said it would be better for our photography if he didn’t cook the fish first, lol…
Calvin’s take on black pepper crab.
The attendees had a good time that evening!
Calvin giving away some tips.
Curry time.
Frank Ho and his charming smile!
Ricky Quah making us laugh along with him.
Time to eat, finally!
Sen Washiyama trying to feed Alex Lim, lol…
Ricky Quah and Jeslin Tan, our lovely co-organiser.
Benjamin GX Lin, Seow Hong and Wilson Wong.
Calvin Huang, our special guest of honour tonight.
Anthony Lim, Benjamin GX Lin and Seow Hong.
Su Suling and Klavier Tan.
Serene Xin and Iva Cung.
Wu Ting Ting, Sam Han, Calvin Huang & Adrian Aw Yong.
Ting Ting, Sam, Calvin and Adrian.
Calvin’s closing speech at the end of dinner and announcement on his selection of winners in a mini contest for best unedited food photos.
Sam and Calvin Huang.
Anthony Lim receiving his prize from Calvin Huang.
Adrian Aw Yong receiving his prize from Calvin Huang.
I am very fortunate to be selected as one of the recipients – this video (over 3 hours) changed Calvin’s life as a photographer and I can’t wait to watch it. Calvin told me he’d watched it more than 20 times!
17 participants in tonight’s food outing plus the lady boss (Ah Yen) of Ju Feng who was so kind to give us a fat discount and quiet corner with good lighting for our event.
Here’s a gallery of some pictures I took that night.

I had a fantastic time learning and bonding with my kakis that night. We had such a great time I’m looking forward to yet another adventure with them!
Thank you for the great company and invaluable lessons!
Happy learning :)

Ju Feng Garden Kitchen serves wonderful cze char with authentic local taste at very reasonable price and friendly service. It was so good some of our kakis (Wilson Wong and Sen Washiyama) are planning their own family trips there. As Su Suling said, "Cooking is excellent. Highly recommended."

Ju Feng Garden Kitchen
Blk 117 Commonwealth Drive,
Singapore 140112.
Tel: +65 64734320

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